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Topthis Internet offers a comprehensive range of Services that include Co-Location (TeleHousing). This Service is designed for those that have a Internet Server already configured and are wanting to host it on a High Speed Internet connection to help improve your sites speed / Uptime / Accessability.

Co-Location can also increase your site security by helping to reduce the likely hood of DoS attacks and Other malicious attacks. This is done by applying state of the art firewalls at the co-location entry point as well as at the entry point to the co-location rack.

By hosting your system on the Topthis network you recieve access to our fully Switched 10/100 Ethernet network that interconnects to our High Speed InterConnects to the internet. Not only do you get the high speed connections you also benefit from using our UPS Systems to provide 100% uptime to your system (both battery and generator !)

Co-Location also gives you the benefit of Complete Control over your system and this gives you the flexability that you may require in todays changing .com industry. And with Topthis' Co-Location you can sleep at night knowing that your Server is nice and Secure.

Topthis recommends Linux based systems for extreme reliability, security and ease of management, and can organise hardware for each customers unique requirements. Windows based server management is also available.

Due to the Nature of Co-Location each individual Customer is individually Quoted to help provide a personalised service. This also allows the Customer to get the BEST possible Value from Co-Locating.

Please Contact a Topthis Sales Representative for more information on Co-Location/Telehousing.

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