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  • Google - Advanced Technical Search Engine
  • Altavista - Very Popular and powerfull Search Engine
  • Yahoo - A Fantastic Web Directory/Search Engine
  • Excite - Another Very Popular and powerfull Search Engine

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Software / Drivers   Games

  • - Probably one of the biggest Download sites on the Internet
  • WinFiles - A very uptodate site for windows related files (drivers)
  • NetNanny - Internet Censorship for Parents (Hacking, Porno etc)
  • The Zone - a HUGE online Games Network / Server
  • Quake 3 - a VERY popular first Person Shoot-em-up game

Finance Related Sites   Online Auction Sites

  • ebay Australia - Americas Largest online auction house, Australian Branch
  • ebay USA - The Internets Biggest Online Auction Site

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