Topthis Members Section

Topthis Mail Gateway

Click the mail gateway link to check your e-mail from anywhere in the world! You don't even need an e-mail program, just your WWW browser and your username and password !!

Topthis Virtual Mail Administration

Virtual Mail Admin Interface.

Online Information

View your time online and also your recent invoices

Access Information

For information on our access numbers and server details.


Check out our help pages for information on all ranges of problems from modems to browser issues to mail clients. (And if its not there we'll add it !)

Topthis FTP Server

On our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site, you can find the latest versions of heaps of popular programs, including Netscape, IE, Mail Clients and IRC clients.

Referal Program

We now have a great incentive scheme running where if you sign up a friend, you get free dosh on your account !!!

*Changing your Password can be done at any time by calling (02) 9496 1100*

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