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Ok, so you have installed Windows NT onto your computer.
I'm going to assume a little more advanced knowledge here since you would need it to install NT ;)
Firstly we need to make sure that RAS is installed on you PC :

  1. Goto My Computer.. and click on Dial Up Networking.

  2. Either 1 of 2 things should happen. Either you will come up with a screen with an empty/full address book or it will ask you to install RAS. If you get the address book skip to step 8.

  3. When you click install, NT will install some files (usually off the CD) and then ask you to add a RAS device. This is simply asking for the modem you have attached to your PC.

  4. Click Install Modem (or select your modem from the list of RAS Capable Devices) and it will detect which modem you have, install it and seelct it and press OK. You should now see something similiar to this:

  5. Highlight the modem, click Configure... Make sure that the Configure Port Usage has Dial Out Only setup. Then click OK.

  6. Again you should be back to the screen from step 4. Now click on Network and make sure ONLY TCP/IP is ticked. So now RAS is installed !

  7. Now we need to create the dial entry. So click My Computer and then Dial Up Networking and you should see the address book screen again.

  8. To create a new connection TOPTHIS, click New... You will then be asked for a name for this connection. Enter TOPTHIS and click Next.

  9. On the next screen you ONLY need to have Connecting to the Internet and Send my Plain Text Password ticked. Then click Next.

  10. Next screen will ask you for the phone number you will be calling. This will be your local access phone number. Then click Next..

  11. Continue to Dialing...

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